In Peru the cuisine is colorful, potatoes and corn too!

Peru has one of the best cuisines in South America. You can eat the unmistakable potato and an amazing multicoloured corn


In Peru, diversity is the order of the day. This country has developed a very varied cuisine which comes from the 4 corners of the country and mixes different influences: African, Spanish, Andean, Amazonian or Chinese


Anticulcho, Carapulcra, Mazamorra, Ocopa or Tamal, ring a bell? These are the unavoidable specialities of Peru! 
Visit Peru for a real gastronomic discovery. Anything you find on your plates, glasses or bowls will give you the opportunity to learn more about the history of Peru and how its people developed this incredible civilization. 
There is such an abundance of culinary delights in Peru that to list them would be tedious. You will have no excuse to order a bland hamburger, a sad chicken fry or an amorphous pizza. Alas, three times alas, these specialties, like an incurable gastronomic cancer, are taking up more and more space on the menu of restaurants around the world, and Peru is no exception.
However, it is a real pleasure to run through the markets and to marvel at this diversity of vegetables and fruits which has long since deserted the stall of our primeurs. 
Take advantage of this trip to get to know the ancestral culinary creativity of Peru and preserve it by simply being curious.

A quick tour of the market is enough to understand where this incredible gastronomic creativity comes from: in the vegetable department you are spoiled for choice

Peruvian maize has many surprises in store for you. In Europe, we know two types of corn: popcorn and the “green giant”. Here it can be black, yellow or purple. Served grilled, boiled, steamed, used in flour, the derivatives of this marvellous cereal are innumerable. It can be found in the unmissable Chicha Morada. This refreshing drink is made from the cooking water of the purple corn. Alcohol-free and cheap, it is drunk in profusion like iced tea.

In the rich variety of food, the tomato is also one of the stars of Peru, that’s where it comes from

Black, yellow, green, long or round, you must discover the unexpected Tamarillo that grows on a tree whose fruit looks very much like an olive.
Rice, quinoa, kiwicha accompany any type of meat: pork, beef, chicken, llama and a whole bunch of fish. If you are tempted by the caiman, beware, it is a protected endangered species, therefore to be proscribed!
In Peru you can also eat the surprising cuy the delicious guinea pig. It is bred for that and it can feed a whole family because the guinea pig can get quite big. In any case, here it is a speciality and it is really very good.

Peruvian cuisine is a fan of the potato

If for you potato rhymes with fries, you will change your mind about this incredible tuber. Officially, there are 2200 varieties. Each of them had a specific use in ancient times: offerings to Pachamama, baptisms, celebrations…
Potatoes have been grown here for 8000 years.
Peruvian farmers are true geniuses in agriculture. They know how to mix different varieties on the same acre to fight against diseases and know the nutritional values of each species they use according to their needs.
in Peru the potato is therefore anything but boring, you can cook it endlessly without ever using the same recipe.
Such diversity from a simple potato, it seems Peruvian cuisine can only delight travelers looking for gastronomic discoveries!

When travelling there are plenty of surprising foods to discover!

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