Here they are the gates of Asia… In Turkey there is everything you can love: crazy hospitality, crazy architecture, a strong identity… and friendly Turks


Forget everything that is said about Turkey and don’t considere it through the news. This country is first discovered by its people and its culture. Afterwards, it is necessary to visit it in small steps, between seaside, mountains, monuments and gastronomy. This country is surprising! 

Merhaba, adım Christine, Fransızim, tanıştığımıza memnun oldum! Hi Turkey!


Yes, Turkey is complex, it is even unclassifiable, that’s probably what makes it so interesting


Here the Turks claim to be in Europe. Even though only a small part of the country has one foot on the continent, Turkey has been a member of all European institutions for ages (1945). It has been knocking on the doors of the EEC since 1959 and its entry is subject to much controversy. As governments, revolutions and reforms go by, don’t forget that Turkey is secular… in its own way. But above all, if 98% of Turks claim to be Muslims, never, never consider them as Arabs. You’re not gonna make friends.

Turkey is also the Ottoman Empire. To understand it properly, you have to revise your history and geography lessons before leaving


The Ottoman Empire ruled part of the world (and Europe) for nearly six centuries. The Turkish Empire left its mark in many countries. The legacy of this domination is still visible today, but let’s not forget that the empire too was enriched by Europe during its conquests. Turkey today is a complex and indivisible mix. We can’t go back to yellow or blue after having obtained green.

When you travel to Turkey you don’t just visit the monuments, you visit the Turk


Turks are indefinable, they are plural and singular


Sometimes blond with blue eyes, pale or dark skin, slanted or almond-shaped eyes, Turks are indefinable. Acetic or athletic, in suits or in Aladdin Pants, wavy hair or çarşaf, it changes all the time. Caftan or fez, miniskirt and hijab, it’s like the big bazaar. Mentality change too, some Turks are firmly attached to their traditions while others are very modern. It is therefore very imprudent to define Turks, the portrait would necessarily be wrong.

Come and get your slap in Turkey: here hospitality is a matter of honour


The most beautiful thing about Turkey is the Turkish people. Such benevolence is worth a paragraph on its own. The inhabitants of this big country have one in common: the hospitality reserved to the visitor is enoooormous.
The Turks are very attentive to their visitors, Turkish hospitality is a concrete tradition and they don’t joke about it here. Such good will is worth celebrating. In Turkey, it is perfectly normal to be stopped on the highway by an old man driving his pick-up truck, who load the bicycle into the trunk and push you in the car telling like a prayer: Too dangerous! You can’t ride a bike here, I don’t want anything to happen to you!
Does that sound too bossy to you? It is, but how benevolent! Once arrived in the city centre, he droped me in a nice café and offered me tea to get over my emotions. Ha ha.

To be offered a meal, a meze, a bed, a place in the car is commonplace. The locals do their best to find solutions, ideas and comfort for you. If the trip for you is only a sightseeing, detailed planning, photos, distance and closed door, don’t go to Turkey. The friendliness of the people will drive you crazy!

Turks from the North and South are as different as aLondoner is from a Edinburgher. But they have one thing in common: they are proud


Proud of their country, proud of their traditions, proud of their food, in short, they are proud to be Turkish. It is the best they have that they want to show you.
If you are in a hurry or simply saturated, don’t put on a sullen face to discourage the curious. With a few words of Turkish, give thanks, show that their concern touches your heart and decline. That’s all they want: to see you leave with a smile on your face.

Let’s not confuse tourist areas with the whole country: this is true for all countries, as it is in Turkey


One thing needs to be said, however: In the tourist regions, Turks are no different from the rest of the world. Business comes first. But don’t think that they are representative of the country. Think about this when you start to saturate tourist demands. But even in Istanbul, don’t despair, they’ll guide you through the streets without asking for money in return… they’ll just try to sell you a boat tour. No reason to lose your good mood. Just say hayır, teşekkür, no thanks, and that’s it.

Turkey is a land of adventure


If there is one country to explore off the beaten track, it is Turkey

Intrepid travellers are pretty much in agreement here: the country surprises at every stopover. The relief changes, the landscapes too. One goes from dry plains to the mountains, and there are no less than four seas to enjoy: Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Marmara. Exploring the country on hiking trails, going where there is nothing to see, promises a change of scenery and a harvest of enriching experiences.
In the less travelled areas I was always surprised by the discreet beauty of Turkey. A family drinking tea by the side of the road, an old hammam, a shisha narguile bar in the street of a tiny souk, everything is subject to enthusiasm.


Why deprive yourself of the most beautiful things? In Turkey the tourist attractions are worth the detour

I have few experiences that are as beautiful as flying over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon. It is divinely beautiful.
From the mountains to the desert areas to the dazzling Istanbul, Turkey is an incredibly rich travel for tourists and explorers alike.

Teşekkürler, hoşçakalin, yakında görüşürüz! 

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