All the reasons to go on a trip are good: they’re yours!


Of course, to go on a trip far and long, you need a strong motivation, especially when you send everything away … 

You have to brave the disbelief of your loved ones who love you and who don’t want to see you run off to the ends of the earth with a bag on your back. They are worried, sometimes jealous to see you undertake what they are not capable of. 

Don’t feel alone, I’ve been there too… 

l However, there are some questions that you have and that hinder the realization of your travel project? Perhaps the answers can be found in these lines, dictated by these years spent on the roads of the world.

You have been dreaming of this great departure for a long time, but you always postpone it from year to year, paralyzed by worries, anxieties, etc.

 The advice and testimonials of my personal journey will help you to see more clearly and to cross the Perhaps you will also see in it the confirmation that this great journey that you have dreamed so much of must remain a dream and that it is not a project for you?

But whatever the outcome, you must first of all conduct a little introspection, list the reasons that inspire you to make a big change in your life. Sort out the illusions and certainties, the expectations and challenges that await you for sure in this immense adventure that is the long journey!

Read to find answers and inspiration

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