Mountains, lakes, chocolate and cheese: you are in Switzerland!


Switzerland is a country of great diversity. From Bern to Zurich it is a country of mountains and lakes but also of countryside and cities with noble architecture.
Switzerland is famous for its luxury, watches, hotels, top-of-the-range ski resorts and starred restaurants. Beware of stereotypes, Switzerland has more than one cheese in its bag and this country has many different facets!
Fortunately, you don’t have to be a millionaire to appreciate the beauties of Switzerland. It is a very natural country that will delight lovers of hiking, camping and mountaineering.

Hallo Schweiz! Mein Name ist Christine, ich bin Französin, schön, Sie kennenzulernen! Hello Switzerland


Switzerland, it’s four countries in one!


4 languages, 4 regions and 4 borders, Switzerland has a personality all its own. It is a green and mountainous island in the middle of Europe. This is also why it is best not to overdo the caricature here. The languages change, the landscapes and the menu too.

French-speaking Switzerland, a neighbour of France where French is spoken with a Swiss accent


This is where Emmental and Gruyère cheese with or without holes clash. But we must give back to the Swiss what belongs to the Swiss: they can legitimately claim authorship of the raclette and fondue. But then again, since ancient times everyone has developed their own recipe. But still, Savoyard fondue doesn’t always meet with everyone’s approval!

Geneva, Neufchâtel, Basel and Bern, all close to the border, each have their own identity, they are unique and unclassifiable. The French-speaking part is a delicate blend of Alsace, France and Haute Savoie.

The German/German part of Switzerland (the biggest piece), where people speak German with a Swiss accent too


This region is home to one of the richest cities in the world: Zurich. Apart from the shopping budget, this city is really beautiful and well worth a visit.
Further away, the Lake of the 4 cantons surrounded by divine mountains and dotted with villages of wooden chalets is well worth a walk in winter and summer. The village of Grindelwald, a Mecca for winter sports and mountain hikes, is a real trip to Santa Claus’ country.

In the south, Italian-speaking Switzerland with its mild, sunny climate. Italian is always spoken with a hint of a Swiss accent


Here you will find the magnificent Lake Maggiore shared with the Italian neighbour and an atmosphere where Roman architecture, Italian wine, basilicas and rosemary mingle.

Let’s not forget Romansh Switzerland, where Romansh is spoken, but this language is not official, it is considered a dialect.
Exploring Switzerland is a surprisingly varied journey with distinct gastronomies, changing reliefs and distinct climates.

All this beauty at a price. Exploring Switzerland requires a substantial budget. But it is well worth it.

Merci la Suisse, Adieu, à bientôt !


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