Too hard for you to taste unknown or surprising things? A bit(e) of courage, this is the real trip!

Bol asie
Dim Sum, Malaisie
Falafels bandeau
gateau jaune
Mashi egypte
PIment, Hongrie
Repas asie
Soupe, pologne
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Discovering the world is done with two legs, two eyes, two nostrils and two ears but with only one tongue, so let’s eat and drink twice as much, it’s only fair!


At the top of the list of reasons that push us to go see elsewhere if we are there, gastronomy is very close to the first place

Food, even at the end of the world, is not only used to fill the belly to ensure survival. Food concentrates culinary traditions, the understanding of the exploitation of natural resources, weather conditions, food conservation. Here as elsewhere, food is a wonderful social bond that brings men and women together around a dish. 

These precious meetings that mark the journey are opportunities to discover the peoples and cultures of the world. It would therefore be a shame to deprive ourselves of these exchanges: it is not because it is different from French cuisine that it is not good!

It is often very moving to realize how proud and happy the natives are to invite the foreigner to sit at their table


Food or drink, the welcome of the traveller almost always begins with the offer of a snack, a glass of tea or local alcohol. It’s true that it sometimes takes a strong stomach to enjoy a lye tasting palm wine or a dish of cooked goat giblets, but these moments are part of the fabulous adventure of the trip. 

That said, the taste surprise is more often positive than negative. There are thousands of different breads, amazing fruits and vegetables and on the protein side, caterpillars, camel, piranha or zebra are delicious discoveries.

Coffee, sticky rice, grasshoppers, green tabbouleh, soups and strange fruits, to your citizen forks!

Specialties to whet your appetite?

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