Jordan is made of sand, rock and salt water. From multicoloured canyons to the red desert, it is inhabited by Jordanians with hearts as big as a smile

Jordan is the land of Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia. If The Lord of the Rings transformed New Zealand into a tourist destination, these two heroes have certainly given more than a generation a taste for Jordanian adventure.

مرحباً ، اسمي كريستين ، أنا فرنسي ، أنا سعيد جدًا بلقائك! Hello Jordan!

Lomrhbaan , aismi krisitin , ‘ana faransi , ‘ana saeid jdana bilqayik!

Once is not customary, when you arrive in Jordan, the country you discover is as you could have imagined it, withot Sean Connery. The whiteness of the capital, the siq of Petra, the mountains in the never-ending deserts… Jordan exudes an intense perfume of adventure. But better than that, you quickly realize that Jordan is very generous with beautiful landscapes, good food and a good heart.

The most beautiful surprise that Jordan has in store for the traveller is that despite its tourist success, one always has the impression of being the first to discover it

Outside of Petra, the roads are not so well travelled and the traveller is often alone. From time to time, a few Bedouins set the table for tea while watching the sunset over the Dead Sea. The roads are quiet, except for the capital, no traffic jams in sight and not as many towns as that.

So Petra, is it as beautiful as in the movies?

Jordan’s emblematic site is a concentrate of ambiguities. It’s as pictorial, as noble and as colourful as in the movies. Alas, tourism has its excesses…
Everything is said in Why do we love or hate Petra? 

Jordan is full of treasures, not only in Petra there are beautiful things to see


The country has beautiful deserts. Special mention is made of Wadi Rum, the red desert

Of divine beauty, this desert is obviously very touristy. However, it is possible to stay with a Bedouin family, I mean a real family, not an artificial camp, and enjoy the cultural experience.
You can cook with the mothers, take care of the children, go for a walk in the surroundings… To do this, you must be careful in choosing the camp where you will stay. Avoid the cheapest ones. First of all, the traveller runs the risk of paying full price for the smallest glass of tea, but above all, these camps are not run by real Bedouins. They come to exploit the tourist manna, do not declare anything to the state, pollute and change the place as soon as it is degraded. Do not get involved in this kind of business and choose the camp with a good reputation.

Amman, the capital is to be discovered. Apart from its apparent banality, the city is fascinating

All in white, with typical local architecture (large white cubes), Amman is difficult to discover on foot. It’s all in hills, it goes up and down all the time. You get lost on the countless stairs and that makes your legs work hard. Nevertheless, it would be a pity not to make this effort, because there you will meet the Jordanians. In the capital of the world, it is not so often that you see children running after foreigners to offer them an apple, or families front of the door, offering a glass of tea with a smile.

The souk of Amman is alive and the Jordanians are amazingly friendly. The city is not dangerous at all (as long as you don’t do anything stupid, of course). There are nice restaurants, bars, galleries, decorated alleys to discover.

The city is big and doesn’t really have a city center, but several. The citadel, excellent museums, beautiful mosques and an antique theatre can be explored. Less than an hour’s drive from Amman, Jerash’s magnificent location will leave stone lovers speechless with magnificent ruins.

To explore Jordan, it is necessary to rent a car and get lost in the country

If you can reach your destination without having to rely on public transport, Jordan reveals all its secrets.
Chaotic roads and roller coaster rides through the desert to the Dead Sea, landscapes so poetic that it is impossible to photograph them. 

In Jordan you can take hitchhiker without fear. It is a very common means of transport, and this is how you make friends.
Jordan, under its deceptively deserted and dry appearance, hides a seething life and surprising things to discover at every turn.

What better advice could you give to adventurous hearts? Jordan in freedom is incredibly lovable

First of all, it is rich in historical treasures, beautiful mosaics and exceptional historical and religious references. The most amazing thing is that you often find yourself alone in deserted places where you can browse in complete freedom.

Pampered by nature, the best of Jordan, the Jordanians

The most beautiful pictures of Jordan are difficult to expose. They are often gift moments. The glowing smile of a driver at the wheel of his pickup truck when I pass him. A family in the mountains, inviting you to drink, eat, sleep… The smiles and hospitality here are overwhelming. Sheep farmers offering the hospitality of the tent, families on the beaches of Aqaba, the shepherds of the Dana Valley and its magnetic sunset.

Get close to a group of traders eating mansaff to learn more about the local gastronomy. They will not let you refuse to share the dish. Take a picture of the nut stand and you will leave with a handful of nuts. Say hello, ask for directions, refuel at the station, there will always be someone there to offer you homemade bread, Bedouin whisky (don’t dream, it’s tea), biscuits or tomatoes. You will never arrive on time!

شكرا لك ، وداعا ، أراك قريبا!

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