Hong Kong

Hong Kong, according to the travelers, either you hate it or you love it. It doesn’t take long to understand the dilemma…


Hong Kong isn’t a country, it’s a city


But this place has a special position. They don’t say, I’m going to China, they say I’m going to Hong Kong. That’s why, although I know my geo-history, this portrait is among the “destinations” and not in “China”.

香港,您好,我叫克里斯汀,我是法国人,很高兴认识您 Hi Hong Kong !

Xiānggǎng, nín hǎo, wǒ jiào kè lǐsī tīng, wǒ shì fàguó rén, hěn gāoxìng rènshì nín!

Why does Hong Kong divide the large community of travellers so much?


Because there are two Hong Kong. The big apple on the edge of the mainland and the islands: Hong Kong and Lantau for the most famous. These islands are 90% covered with nature. There will be something for everyone: city lovers and those who prefer the countryside.

On the city side you will find the quintessence of human creation. Hong Kong is an artificial paradise or hell, the setting for a video game or a science fiction film


For sure, Hong Kong doesn’t disappoint anyone on this side, it’s a kingdom of concrete. It’s difficult to find a bench or a seat, every inch is occupied. No terrace where drink a beer or coffee, no park to walk the dog.
Let’s be honest, there are two or three pedestrian streets and I ended up finding a space planted with solid concrete benches. You have to look for them for a long time in this construction mess, but you have to give back to Hong Kong what belongs to China.

Hong Kong is noise, traffic, concrete and a lot of people


For travelers, you have to quickly resign to find a small, simple cheap hostel where you could make friends, here everything is almost out of price.
So we’re going to settle down in a dormitory, no common room, no kitchenette, no table where to drink a coffee. But the price will be reasonable and we will be able to get a little fright when we go up on the roof to admire the city from above.

On the country side, the hiker, dog and children has a large choice


Hong Kong belongs its mini Disneyland, beautiful sandy beaches, green hills and small fishing villages.
There are also Chinese temples, giant statues making offerings to the world’s largest seated Buddha. The hiking trails are numerous, pleasant, perfect for oxygenating the lungs and neurons.

To love Hong Kong, you have to live there and make good money


It’s the impression that dominates, here everyone works. The expats have a good life here and enjoy this remarkable experience on a resume by mixing skyscrapers and wild spaces accessible by metro. 

For the traveller, Hong Kong is an interesting place to discover Asia at its best… and at its worst


In this steel jungle there are also typical markets, restaurants with bay windows overlooking the city and lots of alleys. Hong Kong has a neurasthenic zoo, a park full of celebrity statues. It is the ideal place to sit down in the evening to admire the sound and light show coming from the port which is bursting out onto the sea.

In Hong Kong, you have to use transport to explore the city


The funicular takes tourists to the top of the hills, the metro runs under the sea and the tramway is an ideal way to discover the city. Not at all high-tech, it is an antique and it is a surprising journey to see the sprawling tram sitting on a old wooden bench. You can also take a boat trip on an ancient Chinese junk to go from one island to another.

Finally Hong Kong is not a big boring city, it is a world apart. Under normal conditions, it’s the wilderness that tries to regain its rights over the city. In Hong Kong, it is human nature that tries tirelessly to regain the upper hand.


Xièxiè, zàijiàn, zàijiàn!

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Kingdom of kitsch and tradition, temple of gastronomy, China mix concrete jungles and monasteries lost in the mountains. China is Confucius philosophizing on noodles and Mao in a three-piece costume.

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