Where is the best ham sanwich in the world? In Peru!

While travelling we take advantage of it to find new taste: let's start with Peru which offers us an unforgettable ham sandwich!

Doesn’t sound exotic enough? After tasting the Peruvian ham sandwich that you will eat in Cordano, Lima, you will change your mind about the sandwich!

In the Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas) in Lima, the capital of Peru, don’t miss the very famous Córdano ham sandwich.
This is a sandwich that doesn’t skimp on the main ingredient and deserves its name and fame. It is rare to see so much generosity squeezed between two slices of bread for a snack that here, could be the dish of the day.
Beautiful thick, tender and tasty slices make up 90% of the sandwich. And what a Ham, it certainly doesn’t come out of any industrial factory.
And yet it is only a simple sandwich. This is enough to bring the Frenchwoman that I am to think about the invasion of junk food which ravages the whole world without sparing the most gastronomic places like mine: France. 

I come from a country where the cuisine is classified as World Heritage of Humanity, the homeland of cassoulet, mille-feuilles and camembert and I remain in awe in front of a modest ham sandwich that is still sometimes called in my country, a Parisian. How did we let these industrialists, financiers and above all marketing professionals replace a simple sandwich by an amalgam of filthy ingredients filled with artificial flavours, sugar and salt, full of water and without flavour?

I’m in Lima thousands of kilometres away from a gratin dauphinois, ready to discover dishes as amazing as baked guinea pig, but this South American ham sandwich deserves an article all by itself! Here’s something to think about the world we want to leave to our kids!

In addition to the speciality, the setting is historic. The fabulous sandwich is eaten at the table, in a restaurant that has kept its popular atmosphere in spite of the celebrity

The Cortado is famous and welcomes every day a large number of visitors curious to immerse themselves in Peruvian culture. Opened since 1905, it is as much appreciated by travellers as by Locals. In the restaurant there is always the same old-fashioned yet popular atmosphere. It is even classified as a historical monument. It prides itself on having welcomed the country’s celebrities, especially political celebrities, and this is certainly true: it is located right next to the seat of government!

When travelling, it's time to relearn how to eat...

In the south of Cambodia are two renowned cities which do not lack spice: Kep-sur-mer and Kampot. Highly sought after for its particular aromas, Kampot pepper is a star among peppers!

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