Even not scared!

No, no and no, it’s not dangerous to travel alone! The world isn’t full of enemies ready to kill you or steal your wallet on every corner!


The major argument that dissuades everyone from going on a trip, contrary to what one might think, is not money. It’s the sacrosanct security


I hear especially “but it is dangerous to travel alone!“. Even if your story only tells of wonders, there will always be someone who will ask you the question “was it dangerous there?“.
I realized later that many people give up traveling because of the alleged dangers. Or they force themselves to travel to very safe and expensive hotels for fear of theft, harassment, tourista or terrorist attack.

Many see the world teeming with dangers and ambushed enemies, waiting for the naive Westerner. Ouch ouch ouch ouch, what a sad prospect for travel…


There are bad people all over the world. Foolishness and violence are not reserved for a particular country. They are in an absolute minority.
There are good people everywhere too. They are in the majority and it is often fear or the daily news that makes us believe otherwise.
The men, women and children of this world aspire to live in peace and security and to enjoy the time they have to spend on earth. They want to love and be loved in return. They want to protect their little ones and, if possible, avoid the hard knocks of fate. They mourn the dead, honore the newcomers, celebrate spring and fear winter. They ache when they get hurt, they suffer, cry, laugh and fall in love. Like you, like me, like 7 billion people.

It’s a long way to get rid of your fears, but travel is an effective shock therapy


It’s not that easy to start reconsidering the world at its best. Seeing a brother, a sister in the stranger who comes to you and not a potential enemy.
The fear of disaster, of being “too late” or of looking like a fool dominates a lot.

The western world does not help to change this point of view. It is invariably a caricature. To love people, to be confident is to be outside reality, in a country populated by pink unicorns and orange dinosaurs.
Not trusting anyone, not talking to strangers are the first lessons of childhood. Learning fear and reacting to it gives the illusion of being protected.

Learning to discern right from wrong, the manipulator of the altruistic would not be a better lesson? Learning to have confidence in yourself, to be strong “inside” and stable is an open posture, not a closed one. On a journey, it is fundamental to be open!


On the roads of the world, it often happens that the contact with the natives and the human relationship become fundamental. Far from everything, without internet, without assured transport, we must be able to rely on the locals. It is at such times that self-confidence, sensitivity and empathy play their full role. Having self-confidence, being solid, also means giving confidence to others and allowing dialogue and kindness to take hold.

Giving value to what is valuable: from the memories of your travels you will only keep the 99% positive ones


On the road you will come across people like you: nice, open and absolutely non-threatening.
You will more rarely come across bad ones. But, crooks, thieves and liars will surely catch you once in their nets, it is almost inevitable. Even so, these bad experiences should not take up all the space on your hard drive. They will only represent 1% of the people you will meet on your trip. These misadventures will teach you what you need to know to avoid getting caught a second time.

Going through a difficult situation because of the 1% bad people is no fun. But being aware of the kindness of the other 99% gives a whole new perspective on life!


When everything goes wrong, look what happens. When it all falls apart, there’s always a hand reaching out and people ready to help you. That lesson must be 100 times more valuable than the total amount of damage.
Do not be afraid. There is always a solution.

To be protected from the worst, should you spend your life in the shadow of your fears?


The most worried will then say that some wounds are deep, sometimes fatal. And it’s true. Rape, physical assault, a weapon have terrible consequences. But is living your life with fear in your belly more enviable?

Life forces us, whether we like it or not, to react, to change, to grow. And no one knows the last chapter of it. So isn’t it better to open one’s heart and feed on these adventures, on this light rather than remain in the protective illusion of darkness? Do not be afraid. You will meet on your path 99 times more people like you: nice, open and absolutely non-threatening.

The travel stories told here are pure truth!

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