Western Europe

Flamboyant, magnificent, surprising, Western Europe is full of classic treasures, but it is also full of surprises

The list of the jewels of Western Europe is long, very long. The names of the capitals and big cities make the whole world dream: Paris, London, Venice, Barcelona…

Seaside, mountains, countryside, monuments, in Western Europe it is impossible to get bored for a second


The cultural diversity is extraordinary, everything is to be seen, tasted and discovered.
You have to have travelled through other countries to be fully aware of it. Many other countries are more repetitive. Gastronomy is always the same, with just a few nuances. The relief is recurrent, the climate uniform.
In Western Europe it is the opposite. You only have to travel 50 km away to discover a totally different region!

Western Europe is stunning!

The architecture and history of Western Europe surprises the traveller at every crossroads. The ancient, the very ancient, the prehistoric and the modern are jostling, overlapping or lining up. Art is everywhere: in museums, streets, buildings, bridges, fountains. 


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