Central Asia will enchant you!

The least we can say is that Central Asia is a huge territory: 6 million km² for 80 million inhabitants, here we do not feel cramped. 

Central Asia offers to the adventurous traveller immense and clear skies, myriads of stars, landscapes that seem to flee to the end of the world. 

Central Asia requires a bit of courage and obstinacy because they are not very popular travel destinations. It sometimes takes a lot of pugnacity to get from one city to another or to explore nature, parks, desert and valleys by yourself.

In some countries, it is richer in culture than in architecture, but this part of Central Asia will not leave anyone indifferent, one will come back drunk of wide open spaces, silence and clean air.

In others, history and the cultural heritage is so dense that it is difficult to see everything.

The gastronomy is full of surprises that will delight the taste buds. It will be difficult not to go to meet it because the hospitality reserved for travellers is great.

Central Asia is a vast territory on which one must lose oneself without fear, there will always be beautiful encounters at the end of the road.

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