Malaysia, a country as beautiful as it is little-known

Malaysia? Well, well… Apart from the Petronas towers made famous by Mission Impossible, we can’t really say that this destination makes many travelers fantasize.

But here’s the thing, I really like Malaysia. I love it for everything it has to offer: extraordinary cities with ultra-modern skyscrapers, typical markets, wooden houses, a high-tech metro and run-down buses. 

Selamat Pagi Malaysia, nama saya ialah Christine, saya Perancis, senang bertemu dengan anda! Hi Malaysia!


Malaysia is home to the oldest jungle in the world where Orang Asli, the forest people, still live. Malaka, nicknamed the Venice of Asia, has a surprising Chinatown, romantic canals, amazing food and a nice way of life.

Malaysia is a great mix of cultures and landscapes


Blue sea, white sand and goldfish: Malaysia is polychrome

Malaysia is rich in secret islands worthy of the Seychelles: white sand and colourful aquatic fauna. At 10 meters from the shore, the adventure begins. Colourful parrot fish squeezing between the rocks, reef sharks and bands of barracudas shaped like torpedoes. Add coconut palms on the beach, shells and cocktails, a few rainforests and you’re in Bounty paradise! If the trip to Malaysia is dedicated to lazing around and the sea, Malaysia won’t disappoint anyone.  

Malaysia, this country where it’s always hot but not always beautiful

I’m delighted with Malaysia. It has no real season, it’s always hot. A stifling and humid heat cooled by torrential rains once a day. One then rushes in the gigantic shopping malls or in the subway and one waits for the end of the flood. 
It is very simple to pack your bag for this type of destination: no anorak, sweater, boots in case of extreme cold. Light clothing will suffice, take a rain cape and you are ready for the whole trip.

In the heart of Malaysia, there are the Highlands: green hills fresh and soft

The Cameron Highlands are covered with soft green tea plantations. In the early morning, the hills perfectly carved by the tea pickers are bathed in a soothing, calm mist that rests the soul. The air is fresh, light and pure, far from the pollution and noise of Kuala Lumpur. In addition to tea, this region is also home to fabulous hotels worthy of the Ritz. 

Kuala Lumpur is the emblem of Malaysia. It is an amazing city of contrasts

In Kuala Lumpur you can find absolutely everything! Chinese and Buddhist temples, churches and mosques. Museums, fountains, parks. Fancy restaurants, skybars, taverns, supermarkets, street vendors. China Town, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor, Little India or Kampung Baru, the city is never the same. People dance, eat, drink and work there. This city is dizzying with diversity and energy.

So what about the Malaysians, are they nice? 

It’s hard to put them anywhere. Malaysians are Malaysian, Chinese or Indian. They also come from Singapore, Thailand, the Middle East and Europe.  
A real melting pot! I had only good, friendly and sincere exchanges with these inhabitants. Always ready to help, concerned about my safety and comfort. If religious codes sometimes put strangers at a distance, be patient. Intimacy is gained little by little and you will be rewarded with good relations with Malaysians. 
Islam is the state religion, so it is not surprising to see women veiled, sometimes completely. For this reason, this country will require a little more knowledge about morals and customs than other Asian countries. 

Terima Kashi Malaysia, selamat tinggal, berjumpa dengan anda!

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