Still untouched by mass tourism, Montenegro is a travel to make now, before its beauties attract the crowds!

You might as well say it, Montenegro is tiny. And no offense, everything small is pretty, but this is just a nugget. To visit Montenegro is to take a trip back in time, to get lost in medieval alleys, to eat in real taverns as they are no longer made and to toast to the health of the hospitable Montenegrins.

Dobro jutro Crna Gora, Zovem se Christine, Ja sam Francuz, sretan što sam vas upoznao! Hi Montenegro! 


Dobro došli u Crna Gora, welcome in Montenegro !

In Montenegro, people usually go there for three reasons: picturesque towns and villages, secret beaches on the Adriatic Sea or real nature, with beautiful walks in unspoiled parks. I will add to all these, kind people.


Montenegro is very small, but here you better don’t joke about the culture


Montenegrins are a proud people who remember very well that they gave a hard time to the reckless one who tried to invade them. Even so, this tiny country stood up to the very powerful Ottomans. One could compare this feat of strength to the village of Asterix resisting the Romans. The country also experienced periods of domination a long time ago, but some areas, so steep, so remote and so well defended, were never taken. The great Byzantine Empire struggled for five centuries without success.

History says a lot about the Montenegrin identity that cherishes this rebellious past. The relief and geography lend themselves particularly well to resistance: the fortified castles on the mountain tops are a fine illustration of this. The pugnacity of this people is therefore not to be questioned, woe betide you!


Montenegro is a paradise for hikers


Yes, and it is better not to underestimate it, Montenegro is not Central Park. The country is mountainous and the reliefs reach 2000 m on average, the highest peak is 2500 m. OK, it is not Nepal but without being of great difficulty, the Montenegrin parks will pull on the quadriceps and give great emotions to the adventurers.


Times are hard for Montenegro but the future is full of promise


Luckily, the fledgling republic hasn’t said its last word. Tourism is on the increase and promises better prospects for the future. Let us hope that it keeps the strong personality that makes its charm and beauty.
A lot of land has been sold to wealthy Russians who have made it their holiday resort. Villas of dubious taste, of striking luxury that has nothing to do with the soul of the country are flourishing on the well-placed plots. It is to be hoped that the Montenegrins will not allow to be invaded by remembering the resistance they are capable of!

On the visitors’ side, the Internet is full of tourist offers concerning Montenegro. The country has some great assets, some appreciable tours and it is really worth the detour. Success is not long in coming.

The must-see are not the only reason to cross the border. It would be a pity to visit it on the run. Montenegro is a country where it is good to get lost, drive along the roads and stop in a village not stamped by tour operators. The people here are very friendly and Montenegrin hospitality is as serious business as the resistance!

Je Želim vam bolje dane Crne Gore, prijatno! Moje srce je uz vas! hvala Crna Gora, Doviđenja!

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