Baltic States

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia: these 3 Baltic countries of Europe welcome travellers with warmth and dynamism

Three small beautiful countries, three beautiful capitals. Surprisingly clear skies, affable inhabitants, a strong cultural heritage and mixed architectures. The 3 Baltic sisters: Tallinn in Estonia, Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania call the curious for a beautiful and warm journey.

Small but strong, the Baltic Sea countries have something to seduce travellers: there are beautiful things to see but it is much quieter than elsewhere!

Between them, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have a population of about 6 million inhabitants on 175,015 km², or a third of France. This reasonable size and modest demography make the trip very pleasant. The cities are very beautiful, clean and neat. It is easy to get lost while enjoying the ride.

Tallinn’s city centre is closed to cars. No deafening traffic noise, no tiresome horns, no oppressive compact crowds on the pavements. When there is a crowd, it is for the greatest pleasure of a cultural or musical gathering or an evening in a pub with a joyful atmosphere.

The Baltic countries are easy to get to, comfortable to travel in and affordable accommodation

To visit each of the Baltic sisters, nothing could be simpler. The buses are comfortable, the roads are smooth and the drivers are careful.
Hostels are affordable, often well located. These beautiful cities have a strong cultural and historical heritage and can be as attractive as other European capitals, minus the crowds.

Let's discover the Baltic states!

In the Baltic states, cities are beautifully preserved from time and modern architectural aberrations

Despite the vagaries of history, the Baltic countries have been able to preserve their old towns and historic centres. It is an incomparable pleasure to walk through Tallinn’s centuries-old cobblestones and these old buildings have been perfectly renovated and never disfigured. In Riga, the wood creaks, the ground is matt, worn by the footsteps of the inhabitants for centuries. The street lanterns with metal lace are still there, the statues on the facades watch over the passers-by in Vilnius and the old carriage gates stand the test of time.

For the traveller with a passion for history and architecture, it is almost impossible to get bored in the Baltic States.

These countries have been dominated and occupied by invading neighbours who left their cultural imprints there before leaving.

Germanic, Russian, Soviet or even Swedish influences, the traveller can only be surprised by this magnificent mix. Monuments classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, mazes of narrow streets, romantic cafés, rustic restaurants with flowery tablecloths and a well-stocked menu, discovering the Baltic countries is a real pleasure.

In the Baltic countries, you can eat comforting culinary specialities that warm you up in the harsh winters and of course you can drink well too!

In addition to their kindness and smiles, the inhabitants speak very good English or German. The contact with the locals is therefore very enriching. And what dynamism, what energy!

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