Beautiful landscapes, exciting culture and cheerful people, welcome to Colombia for an hectic travel!

At the top of the ranking list of countries that do not (anymore?) deserve their reputation, Colombia is to be invited on the podium. Colombia’s catastrophic reputation began in the 1980s, when drug trafficking hit the headlines worldwide and left us stunned by the power of the networks and the violence they used. 
Normally travellers arrive in Colombia, ready to fight with villains, thieves, traffickers, murderers…  Well, I’m sorry, those aren’t the ones you’re going to meet! 

Hola colombia ! Mi nombre es Christine, soy francesa, muy feliz de conocerte ! Hello Columbia!


Colombia, which I had the opportunity to visit, has given me a face very different from its reputation. Above all, I travelled to a happy and warm country

No one can claim to have met all the inhabitants of a country. The Colombians I met were of an exemplary kindness. Funny, talkative, relaxed and no more dishonest than anywhere else. They contributed greatly to making my trip a very easy, good experience. The Colombians are very proud of their country and are always happy to share a part of it with their visitors. They love to let them taste the rum and the culinary specialties and are very happy to introduce them to the fauna and flora of this beautiful country.
The Colombian authorities are working to restore the reputation of tourism in the country and ensure that their visitors return home with a positive experience.

Is Colombia an endangered country? No more than elsewhere, as long as you don’t do anything stupid!

Of course, like everywhere else in the world, you must not do anything stupid. No, I have not been in the unstable areas where there are still armed conflicts, nor do I walk around in the middle of the night in difficult areas.
I have read and heard many warnings that have not come true. I walked around with my Pentax slung over my shoulder (only during the day) and nobody threw themselves on me to rob me.  
Should it be called a teddy-bear-country? No, it should not. Colombians are hot-blooded and petty and big crime is very present, especially in the big cities. It’s not hard to avoid trouble: Always take the minimum amount of money with you, only get into official taxis, don’t take drugs, don’t believe everything you are told and stay alert, these are basic rules.

Colombia is incredibly diverse and full of good mood

What I have seen in this great country are surprisingly cheerful Colombians. Does the musical diversity in the country and the dance practice have anything to do with it? Sure, but not only that. The country is culturally very diverse. We meet a lot of white people (Spain, Italy, Portugal), but also mestizos (mestizos, crossbreeds of European and Indian origin), Amerindians, Africans, etc.

The mixture is successful: Colombia is a colourful country

It is a colourful mix: traditions, clothing style, culture, gastronomy and various drinks give Colombia a colourful, bright and loud appearance.
Add football and salsa and you get the best possible cocktail. 

Colombia has much to offer nature-loving travelers: forest trails, rivers and waterfalls, huge coconut palms

From north to south, Colombia offers a number of surprises. Cities with diverse architecture, colorful houses, sea, jungle, hills. It is a beautiful country, and this beauty is very diverse. Andes, Amazonia, Caribbean coasts and many mountains make it a favorite destination for travelers looking for adventure.

A lifestyle in slow motion that surprises: Colombia is rather gentle in its rhythm, except of course when it comes to salsa dancing

Colombians tend to be quiet. Here they don’t run according to a timetable and life is enjoyed with sugar and a shot of rum.
And they are used to our stress, they see tourists arriving with a very precise, well-organized travel plan and wait, amused and patient, for them to relax, which is bound to happen. Salento is a good example: travellers leave their luggage for 2 or 3 days and stay for 3 weeks without exception. The gentle way of life is sometimes contagious!

Very friendly people who are worth a travel to Colombia, with or without salsa and rum

The best thing about Colombia is the people. They really like to take care of their visitors with unsettling warmth.
Friendly, polite, positive, optimistic, we constantly hear: con gusto, con mucho gusto mi amor, mi preciosa!
We are far, far away from the old clichés of the Colombians, which are hawked by the television news, and it is great!

Gracias Kolumbien, adiós, ¡hasta pronto!

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