all you need to know to go on a trip (far and long)

Why go on a trip and how? Is travelling alone dangerous, difficult, complicated? Here is the beginning of an answer to all the questions you may have about travelling!


Going on a trip is simple and complicated at the same time


Between all the things we see and all the things we talk about, there are many reasons to get stuck in your routine and continually postpone casting off, year after year. But that would be a shame. Because whatever your age or situation, going on an adventure is a unique experience that can only make you blossom. Reset the counters and take a look at what’s holding you back. Once you understand that travel is a tremendous awakener of consciousness, an incredible provider of self-confidence and joy, everything becomes very simple.

The reasons that prevent you from realizing your travel project are often questionable


They are based on unjustified fears, a lack of self-confidence. Material reasons such as “to travel, you need a lot of money” are just as unfounded. Travel brings a new way of living and consuming.  

Travelling far and wide is a wonderful experience that changes your life, profoundly 


It would be a pity to give up this adventure, which is much more effective than therapy and much cheaper.
Before giving up, why not take the time to take stock of what is happening to you in your sad everyday life? 

Why go on a trip, how to prepare, equip yourself, organize your trip, many answers to your questions can be found here!


As for the fear of what will happen to you negatively during your trip, you will quickly realize that these fears are no more founded elsewhere than here. Travel changes life, maybe it is the time to make this trip, this great trip of a lifetime!
I hope that after reading these few lines, you will no longer be afraid to cast off.

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