How to go on travel far and long? So many questions facing  the unknown! 


Going on a travel far and for a long time is a crazy project, so many questions are jostling around!


Trying to answer it before leaving is to want to know the future. Fortunately, the time machine has not yet been invented but luckily, the world travel machine does exist. It is better to listen to your instincts, be sure of your project and let go. Too many questions mask deep-seated fears. Wanting to master everything, knowing exactly what to expect is the antithesis of travel.

Before departure, one asks oneself mostly practical questions


There are the questions we ask ourselves before we leave for travel: Should I bring a backpack or a suitcase? What shoes do I need? Do I really need a lot of money?

The answers can’t be relevant to everyone. It depends on the person. Some will want the comfort of a private room rather than the cheerful mix of a dormitory, others will prefer supervised excursions rather than solitary hikes.
However, a good dose of flexibility is required, when travelling, you sometimes have to make do with what you get.
It is however quite normal to make a starting idea with a few basic rules. They are only meant to guide the traveller as the project is being built.

Culture shock and unexpected situations are part of the daily life of a travel


And then there are all the questions that inevitably arise during the journey: How to react to harassment or begging? How to react to age ostracism? For some, the most incongruous questions can arise when saturation is felt?

If there are no universal laws regarding travel, a few rules are necessary. For many, they make sense: a good education to live well together, to be tolerant and respectful of others, or to do nothing stupid, for example. But it’s much less obvious than it sounds. Stories of scams, accidents or “diplomatic incidents” are legion among travellers.

Because its all about getting out of your comfort zone. What’s obvious here, is not necessarily logical there 


Overall, novice travellers expect the worst. Filled with alarming television news, the issue of safety is haunting. It is only after some time that they realize that 99% of the world’s inhabitants are rather kind and caring, ready to help the unfortunate lost traveller.

What you need to know before, during and after the travel: here are some answers and tips to make sure everything goes well


Whether it’s about budget, baggage, organization or state of mind, here are for you all the answers to questions I have asked myself or frequently answered. They will convince you that the big travel is for everyone!

Need advices for travel? To read before leaving!

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