Travel is adventure! And in these moments, the worst is often the best!

While travelling, when things move, shake and sway, don’t try to get back into your comfort zone because you’re in the middle of an adventure!

It’s in these local buses, on these dusty trains and on these steep paths that you will have the chance to make some great encounters. But the most beautiful discovery of all will certainly be yourself. 

The travel takes us out of our comfort zone, and beyond that may be regained self-confidence, peace of mind or the healing of a wounded ego.
That’s why you’re here and not in a 4-star hotel dying of boredom.
What some people consider the worst, for you it will be the best! 

Adventure takes some effort, yes, but it’s not as hard as it sounds and the reward is always big 


Adventure in travel is about accepting to let go, to lose control and to let yourself enjoy the discovery, the unexpected! Adventure is all about surprises that no Pullman trip can offer you. For it is when the bus breaks down or the train stops in the middle of rice fields that hearts open, tongues loosen.
You then have the chance to really meet “the others” and take the time, finally to admire the landscape, to be an actor and not just a spectator of your life.

Of course this requires flexibility and patience but these travel stories, these adventures will certainly remain in your most beautiful memories.
What more beautiful, more effective therapy can we use to grow, to open up and dominate our fears in the face of the unknown? 

Sourire, Laos
TRek, aventure
Volcan, bateau bandeau
Camion, Birmanie
Mont Sinai, Egypte, bandeau
Pont du Népal
TRaversée Vietnam en moto, bandeau
Trek amazone bandeau
Trek Bolivie bandeau
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Discover the adventurer hidden deep inside you!

It is in the shaking, disturbing and jostling passages that surprise awaits you. Adventure isn’t just about Indiana Jones. The adventure in travel is sometimes only to be confronted with unusual, unexpected situations that ask us to go and look for resources where we thought we had none.

These impromptu requests could well then call into question the man or woman you thought you were and who knows, free you from dictates and toxic strongholds?

In the adventure you’ll certainly find that you’re finally managing this very well. You’re calm, not worried about a rupee…

You have no desire to sneak or run away to a super-secure tourist nest. You feel up ready to push the damn car, mud up to the knees. Absolutely! You’re not scared, you’re not panicked. The others can count on you and you, at last, you know you can count on yourself. You’re stronger than you’ve been led to believe all these years. You’re more resilient than you’ve been led to believe all these years. You can cope, you can hold your ground, you can invent. You’re resourceful.
Perhaps the adventure of the journey will reveal you to yourself and give you back your place in the world!

The adventure of travel is a mixture of troubles, victories and joy!

And even if this adventure leaves you washed out, disappointed and tired, it’s only the first round. In a few weeks, a few months or a few years you will think about it in a completely different way.

But most of the time, travel adventure is the number one source of laughter and excitement. And there’s no need to book an expensive trek for the thrill! Take local transport, explore the less touristy places and meet the locals, that’s where the adventure of the journey begins too!

Need inspiration to travel and taste?

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