Discover Central America!

Central America: A great travel between jungle, sea and Latin American dances. Everything to love!

Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize…


7 not very big countries that it is better to cross by taking your time because, as everyone knows, in travel (and elsewhere) it is not the size that counts


From the isthmus of Darien (whose jungle is famous for its Farcs) in Panama to the isthmus of Tehuantepec in the south of Mexico, Central America is worth to visit. 

Traditions, history, lakes, jungles, baby turtles pedaling towards the sea, festivals, waterfalls await you along this crossing.
Let’s not forget that Central America is bordered by the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico…
In Belize, the second largest coral reef after Australia is inhabited by barracudas, sharks and manatees. You only have to dive with a mask and a snorkel to admire the spectacle.

The Caribbean Sea is studded with tiny islands, flat like pancakes with immaculate sand. They are sometimes inhabited by local people who have kept their traditions


The volcanic islands of Ométépé, the transparent lake of the laguna Lanchua lost in the middle of the jungle, the falls of Ceymuc Champey… 

The narrow Panama Canal, the incredible Mayan city of Tikal at dawn, the volcanoes, the beaches, the colourful markets, the secret caves that you explore half submerged, a candle in your hand and many other things to discover. 

How can you resist the urge to throw yourself on the paths of these countries?
Rum is joyful and dresses up any cocktail party. The dance is frenzied and superbly rhythmic: Chabata, salsa, merengue or reggaeton, the evenings here are cheerful and very lively. Central America keeps all its promises of a colourful and exciting travel.

Lago Attitlan, Guatémala
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