There are many reasons to go to Nicaragua. The cities are authentic and multicoloured, the inhabitants are welcoming and the sea is beautiful: an ideal travel destination


Nicaragua is spoiled by nature and culture, it is a country where the traveller gets lost without fear. Life here is surprisingly joyful and it feels good. The trip to Nicaragua doesn’t require a lot of organization, everything is easy. You jump from taxi to bus and from boat to bike. 

Hola, mi nombre es Christine, soy francesa, ¡feliz de conocerte! Hi Nicaragua!


The most important thing for a traveller in Nicaragua is authenticity. Travel like a local!


To get to the Playa Blanca, just take the local bus from San Juan del Sur. You get off somewhere and find yourself effortlessly on a deserted, immaculate beach. A little further on, there is a bar tied up with planks where you can refresh yourself with a juice or a beer and nothing is easier than being there. Surfers from all over the world are all around you, casual locals. To get home you ask, and there is always a place in a car that comes back “to the city”. You feel like you’re in another dimension, far away from the entrance tickets, tolls and priced beauties of the world.

We tell ourselves that it won’t last, but it’s not knowing Nicaragua very well


It’s no more complicated to go to Ometepe. You have to share a taxi, wait for the boat and look for a place to sleep, but no, it’s still not difficult. The locals will show you the direction, you have to catch a crowded bus but the driver will stop you where you need to go.
At the end of the road, there is a family hostel on the lake and you have the strange feeling to go home.
If we had prepared everything in advance, we would have planned two days here, but in Nicaragua, the watchword is to stay where you feel comfortable.
There’s finally a lot to do. A bike tour of the two volcanoes, canoeing to the monkey island, soaking in the natural springs, a jungle trek… And a week later, we’re still here.
You have to go back to other adventures but it’s not sad, Nicaragua has no room for nostalgia…

In Léon, locals drink rum galore and dance reggaeton in dark bars. The party goes on all night long and we follow the movement. That too is simple. There’s no need to get ready or ask questions. We’ll come home whenever we want. Anyway, it’s the safest country in South America, people are generally friendly.

Nicaragua offers partying, beach and rest, but the culture is not to be outdone


León is exciting. The architecture is full of colour and history. The city is as it is: ruins here, a red house here, a blue building there. It gives the impression that nobody cares for it and that it doesn’t need anybody to be beautiful. The streets are crooked, the sidewalks are non-existent, but the buses roar in and everything works.

Nicaragua is the best country in the world to catch your breath, to think of nothing more complicated than a soft beach, a colourful street


In this country we’ll always find out what to do the next day. There is room for time, for the silent daybreak and the noisy and happy nights. So don’t plan anything here, the country takes care of everything, the sea will be there to welcome you, the locals too, and with a smile.

Gracias Nicaragua, adiós, hasta pronto!  

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