Travel the countries of South America!

South America: the continent of extremes

It takes time to discover it because South America is big and there is a lot to see

Deserts of salt and stone, jungles, rivers, grandiose cities, buried cities, wine, giant turtles, tango and history lessons: South America is not to be explored lightly. This is an unique travel, you better take a lot of time to explore this continent !

On some of the most dangerous roads in the world in a massive and furious bus, on a frail boat gliding over the crocodile swamps, on the assault of the sacred mountains with a backpack, in South America, everything is astonishing, immense, striking.

The food is as diverse as it is tasty, the wine is worthy of certain French vintages and the wildlife leaves us stunned. This travel will be unique!
Whether they swim, walk, fly or crawl, animals are everywhere!

Red crab, superstar of the Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Short of inspiration? A travel in South America will bewitch you!

Crossing plains and mountains is not easy but the landscapes are breathtaking. One sometimes has the impression to see as far as the other end of the world. Be prepared, it will be a big travel full of discoveries !

Clichés or discoveries, here are a few must-sees to discover in South America. Attention, the list is far from being exhaustive: 

  • Peru: Incas, mountains, llamas and churches…
  • Argentina: milongas, pampas, football stadium, asados, proud gauchos…
  • Bolivia: missions, salar, jungle, Redeemer Christ, Amazonia
  • Colombia: coffee, Latin dances, giant palm trees…
  • Chile: history, multicoloured cities, desert, tasty completos
  • Ecuador: Galapagos, whales, markets, shamans…

Adventure, culture, food or nature, all reasons are good to visit this continent.

Salar, Bolivia
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