In former Yugoslavia, Croatia was famous for holidays. Since then, it hasn't lost any of its magnificence: Croatia is great!

It’s hard to write about Croatia what the world doesn’t already know about it: Croatia is beautiful. The beaches, the coast, the secret bays, the hidden creeks, the parks. The country has even waterfalls classified in the top 3 of the most beautiful in the world, just that! All this, and much more, awaits the traveller in a festive and relaxed atmosphere at the same time.

Pozdrav Hrvatskoj, moje ime je Christine, ja sam Francuz, drago mi je što smo se upoznali ! Hi Croatia !


Croatia has many facets, it takes time to discover all of them

Croatia has been enriched over time by many influences: Italian, Greek, Celtic, Austrian and Ottoman. Each civilization has left its mark and it is a refreshing and elegant cocktail.
On the menu are bureks, meatballs (ćevapčići), a lot of fish and also goulash.
In the dessert section, you will hesitate between a baklava, a strudel and ustipcis, these sweet fried dumplings drowned under a tsunami of cream of our choice.
As far as architecture is concerned, while there is diversity, it is more harmonious than in other places where constructions of different origins are piled up and mixed together. Medieval cities succeed Renaissance castles, Gothic churches and neo-classical buildings.

Croatia is elegant and wild, cool and warm, calm and joyful

Beauty has assets to attract travelers as nothing less than over 1000 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Clear waters, wild rocks, quiet forests, sunshine.
As a renowned seaside destination, Croatia does not need to make much effort to attract travelers. Beautiful stones worn down by the centuries, a very well maintained heritage, beautiful walks, extraordinary views of the sea, there are many beautiful things to see here. What dominates here is the light. Croatia is incredibly bright, comparable to the South of France.

Rich of a grandiose architecture, the cities deserve to be visited as much as the numerous islands along the Adriatic coast. In Croatia you should not rely on the “must-see” because everything is to be explored. The villages in the hinterland for example, the local markets, the small forests with the scents of the Mediterranean, the footpaths.
At nightfall, it is time to spend an evening in a pub or a bar. The atmosphere is very festive and it is almost impossible to stay alone at your table. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be surrounded by merry people, just like at the Oktoberfest in Munich! What an atmosphere!

And the Croatians? Are they nice and welcoming?

Croatians are pleasant and spontaneous people. The fame of their country has not (yet?) diminished their sense of hospitality and the warmth with which they welcome visitors.
Temperament is not stressed fat all. They are used to being visited by tourists but they show neither impatience nor arrogance. And it feels good.
Croatia is a tourist country, yet you don’t feel the “tourist factory” side at all. In the shops, customers and sellers are happy to praise the quality of Pršut, the divine cured ham, or to let people taste a piece of cheese. They are really friendly, you feel welcome. Surprising? Well yes, in this type of touristic destination, it is not always easy to meet only locals who are simply happy to see you.

Croatia and its contemporary history

Wars, fascism, nostalgia for communist Yugoslavia, conflicts in the Balkans, Serb minority: Croatian history is a rollercoaster ride. The political and social landscape is not as harmonious as that of the Krka Nature Park Falls. Warning to the traveller eager to meet people: be careful about what you say, Croatians are still divided on sensitive issues. Here, politics is not too much of a joke. Tensions are still present, so take the time to learn a little about the past before getting into a debate.

To discover Croatia, it is better to wander around


Don’t hesitate to rent a car or explore the country with your own means of transport (bicycle, motorbike, trekking shoes…). This is the best way to get off the beaten track and discover the Croatian people. In this country, it is especially recommended to get lost!

Zbogom, hvala, vidimo se uskoro!


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