One thing is sure, the world is big and vast. So where is this great journey going to start or continue? 

It is precisely the choice of a destination that makes you give up travelling. I often hear “I wanted to start my great journey with such and such a destination but plane tickets became expensive” or “a friend told me it had become dangerous” or “I saw a report on the country that disappointed me“. 

To set a departure destination, you have to find out a little bit beforehand, it’s true, but above all you have to trust your instincts! Even if you are disappointed by this first step in an unknown land, what does it matter? You have the whole world to explore! 

You will find here all the countries I have explored on my own with a small budget. Of course my experience and yours will be quite different but it will give you a global idea of what awaits you!

If you’re determined to go but it’s the choice of the first country that holds you back, then you may be afraid to take the plunge. Don’t be ashamed, it’s perfectly normal. I am sure that even Mike Horn has questions and worries. Here you will find advice and testimonials to help you overcome these fears and finally free yourself from them. Maybe the great journey begins here!

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