Bolivia is the complete menu of adventure


When it comes to travel, Bolivia offers a very complete menu. A pinch white desert of Uyuni to add a touch of salt? No problem, with or without cactus? And the Amazon pampas, with well roasted piranas, crocodiles, blue macaws or some anacondas? Of course there will always be mosquitoes, but I’ll give you some bats, don’t worry!

Buenos Dias Bolivia, mi nombre es Christine, soy francesa, ¡estoy encantada de conocerte! Hi Bolivien


Want a cultural leap into the missions of the XVII century, with a sunset on the golden stones? You’re gonna tell me all about it!

To spice things up a bit, how about a ride on one of the most breathtaking roads in the world? For dessert I suggest a sweet cultural break, with a crispy Santa Cruz, what do you think? On the Altiplano, a silver potossi with the Santa Teresa Monastery will be the perfect ending. Some water? Why, of course! Titicaca or Amazon?

Bolivia is a country full of emotion, exchange and discovery

Bolivia dazzles us with its capital, which is situated high up and spreading out. Although the topic is not yet decided, the capital of Bolivia is called: Sucré or La Paz. For La Paz it is a crazy city, full as an egg, endless.
With Bolivia it is almost impossible to be disappointed. The change of scenery is total.
On the road to Rurrenabaque, shaken in a roaring bus, driven by a super cool driver named Johnny. It is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.  Here you meet other vehicles at the edge of the dizzying canyons. But Johnny doesn’t care, he drives the monster with unwavering nonchalance. Bolivia is even crazier, stronger than any adventure movie. On this difficult road, it sometimes happens that your eyes look so far away that you get dizzy. It is not fear or discomfort that will prevent me from sleeping, but the landscapes: they are as crazy as my driver.

In Bolivia, you have to open your eyes and ears wide

Be ready: the sounds of the jungle, the liquid gold of the setting sun in the pampas, the silence of the salar.
Scared people pale when they see the fleeting glow of the crocodile’s yellow eyes, in a light boat sunk to the edge in the black water, in the middle of the night, a few inches from the impressive jaws. Great adventure.

Bolivia is at the same time oppressively hot, humid, icy cold and dry. Whatever the climate, it is intense

Bolivia offers a journey to the extreme. Like the wind that blows over the Salar, the salt desert, frozen like ice under the pure cobalt sky. Millions of stars sparkle, so bright, so many that you could almost touch them. Here we can watch the sunrise as the heat waves slowly dance across the white floor. It is an impressive sight.
The country is not classifiable. You go there for God, for the jungle or the desert, the dinosaurs or the lamas.
Bolivia is a country with many faces, pale pink flamingos in the mirror of the water, multicolored hills, silky lamas, mud streams, slums, women sacrificed to religion, black mines of misery.

Cristo de la Concordia, Cocchabamba, Bolivie

If you are bored, think about taking a trip to Bolivia


Bolivians are as much worth discovering as their country.

It’s a trip that fulfills all expectations. You don’t even have to go off the beaten track much to be amazed.
Did I forget to tell you about the Bolivians? Not always easy to get to, a bit shy, but with a few words of Spanish you’ll be able to break the ice!

Nature is excessive, faith too: in Bolivia everything seems indomitable

Fire-breathing geysers in the cold, steaming hot springs in the salt desert, torrential rains, blazing sun, lush jungle. Bolivia takes a clever pleasure in pushing everything to the extreme. Then it is sure, the trip is not likely to be boring. There is a strange mixture here. It’s both so developed and so frozen in time. Llama herds guarded by shepherds, traditional outfits proudly worn by Bolivians. Everything blends together like these churches filled with gold, suffering and prayers that mingle with ancestral beliefs.

Gracias, Adios, nos vemos pronto !

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