When traveling, it’s time to relearn confidence!

Travel can bring many changes. Trust, in others and confidence in yourself is one of them

I always find it very interesting to observe the passengers who have just disembarked from the plane: they’re on fire. The journey begins, everything is organized, they have plans, route, schedules. Some arrive on foreign soil with confidence, they master the codes, the maps, they apply in this foreign country what they have learned at home. Others also arrive full of fear and mistrust, they are on the defensive and often answer no. Why not, knowing what to expect is a good start. No one wants to get scammed like a rookie. A little preparation doesn’t hurt, but this trip maybe the chance to relearn confidence in yourself.

The Internet, blogs, friends, friends of friends have given the traveller all the information about the trip and they have the guide in their pocket

When you tell them a little bit about the country, they already know what they’re going to discover. They know where they want to go, they are on a hurry. They already have another plane waiting for them to another city or country. They will go there, take pictures, eat tarantulas or visit the tea plantation, it is written in the guide book. In this travel plan there is no room for spontaneous encounters, for the unknown. I caricature a little, but not that much. These travelers need security. They are going to look for it in a fully organized trip when they should find it in themselves.


Planning everything for the travel hides the fear of the unknown

What I’m highlighting with this satyr is this “plan everything, control everything”.  Whereas the strongest moments of the journey are precisely these unforeseen events, these chance encounters and hazards.

You are on a big trip. Be open to proposals, advice and stories. Be flexible

Give yourself the possibility to get off the beaten track, to trust the stranger who offers you a cup of tea in his house. Confidence takes on its full value here. Seeing the other person as a brother, as a sister, seeing the beautiful human adventure that presents itself to you through a car breakdown, a fleeting meeting or a missed bus. 

Because if you are here, so far from home, it is good to go towards the unknown, to flee the deadly routine.

Learn to think differently. Anything that is a disaster at home can turn into luck on a trip

Is that why I have so few misadventures? Or am I incredibly lucky? I don’t think so. I remain open to chance, to impromptu and always try to see a chance, an enrichment, an extravagance, an extra-ordinary. So everything always (or almost) goes well because I have few expectations and little to lose. Basically, I have all the time and I want it to be full of encounters, smiles and adventures.

To be constantly afraid and to see in each one the malevolence risks to transform the journey into a nightmare

Worse yet, you will miss out on these life lessons that are not found in any guide. Folded up, distrustful and caged heart the country will give you nothing more than what you expect from : photos, selfies, history lessons. But what about discovering others and yourself?

What will make the difference between a good and a bad trip is your confidence in yourself and in the others

If your whole person exudes confidence, if it becomes perceptible that you are not afraid and that you have confidence in yourself, you will then see that the exchanges will be much more cordial and sincere.

I experience this every day while travelling: the others are nice and kindness is free!

If I wish (and only if), I say “yes, thank you” when I am offered tea on a terrace. I say “great, thank you” when I am offered lunch with the employees during their break, all together around the table or on the floor of an alley.
I sometimes pick up hitchhikers in countries where hitchhiking is a means of transport. Even when I’m alone in the car. It usually ends with a stop at the petrol station and they bring me tea, coffee, biscuits or bread. That’s often how I make beautiful encounters: selfless, sincere and joyful. 

Are you worried? Think about it, become aware of these unfounded fears and change everything. That’s the great lesson that the trip will teach you

Setting foot in a country thousands of miles away from home, with no plan, is neither crazy nor unconscious. On the contrary, it shows an incredible openness, a real self-confidence. That’s how the great adventure really begins!


The world is not as dangerous as you are led to believe. A few simple rules can help you avoid the pitfalls and make sure everything goes smoothly.

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