Traveling to change your life: adversity

On a trip, you have more opportunity to rub shoulders with adversity… and it feels good!


Here or there, life will always have its ups and downs. Why does a long journey make these worries or victories rewarding?

A flat, monotonous life without relief would be… boring… deadly. Yet it seems that modern societies are in a perpetual search for “smoothing”. No more accidents, no more effort, no more sickness and more insurance to protect against everything. No more beaten tracks but straight paths as safeguards to secure our fragile lives.
This continual quest for warmth and comfort, full of demands, permeates the mentality as much as the morale. It is expressed in a rigid framework that makes us feel secure as well as worried.

In a developed country, even if many things can be improved, the whole system, from hygiene standards to online bus timetables, works. When something goes wrong, when it should, people feel cheated and storm, cry and rage against the state, society or people.All these “it must be like this or like that” transform the lion, broken in adversity and combat, into an anguished pooch crying his pittance at the slightest delay. 

Routine, daily frustration, obligations can affect the way we see life in the West: life is a lot of work for little satisfaction

The notion of effort becomes negative and eventually we find ourselves spending our time trying to avoid efforts (walk, move, cook…) to concentrate on the essential: working like an automaton, the fear in our stomachs of being incompetent, forgotten or replaced.
It is sad and interesting at the same time to note that in our beautiful country, juniors and seniors are rarely encouraged, supported in their projects, their visions of tomorrow. The idea of exposing oneself, of making one’s own path is greeted with many dire predictions: it will be hard, complicated, doomed to failure!
Perhaps that’s why the French, the very people who live in a country that the whole world envies, are the world’s biggest consumers of antidepressants?


Outside is unstable, moving, why not learn to be confident and stable inside rather than exhausting themselves securing the perimeter?


We can see that what surrounds us is unstable, changing. Trying to control this environment in its smallest details, anticipating the future, is a titanic, exhausting work, constantly starting over again.
Stability and security must develop within oneself. The journey is a wonderful way to put it into practice: what other choice could there be since in this journey everything is constantly changing?

Well, maybe it’s time to wake up the lion, the Indiana Jones, the Alexandra David-Neel that slumbers in you!


A long journey will give you time to get new skin and new ideas. Along the way, you will have many opportunities to rub shoulders with a cleansing, invigorating and liberating scraper: adversity. Confronting adversity is a challenge to your creativity, courage and ingenuity. It also means becoming positive again: if what you had planned doesn’t turn out the way you want, you’ll probably have the opportunity to discover something or someone and who knows, escape a misery, a disappointment. This unexpected event may be a blessing!
Plan Bs are so many adventures in the adventure that will shake up the hamster you may have become by forcing it out of its wheel. In Togo or Nepal, if your plan doesn’t work, not only will you have to accept it, but above all make the ressourcefulness machine works with a smile!

Why do these problems become beautiful lessons in life on a trip while here, they depress you?

Straight as an i in your certainties as a European, you are ready to make a claim, file a complaint, ask for a refund or even make a scene. In short, do what you are used to doing at home.
But that’s it, you’re not at home anymore. There’s no point in threatening, complaining to whomever, enforcing the contract, the clause, the guarantee, you won’t get anything. You’ll have to adapt.
Isn’t this a first step towards tolerance, flexibility and realizing that these reactions “at home is better than here” are very arrogant?
This is the beginning of an important awareness and you have to move quickly from theory to practice: you have no other choice.

Adversity is stimulating: you have to look for the solution and stop stumbling over the problem. In short, stop complaining and take action

Is the room awful, the bed ratty? Okay it’s ugly but you’ll change it tomorrow, you won’t spend a month in it. Under this discomfort, you might find great people to spend an unforgettable evening with, a new friend! 
If the equipment doesn’t work, you’ll find a way to make food without cooking or to go to others for help. At the end of the day, are these annoyances so important? In any case, your own self-esteem will be better, you’ll have managed to improvise and you’ll have found in your heart the resource you need to manage this temporary problem. 
Adversity, by the way, teaches you to weigh things up: what is important, what is trivial, what strengths you need to acquire and what strengths you can already count on. 
And life, freed from all these parasitic thoughts about the life has to be, will soon take on a pretty pink hue!

Changing your life is good, changing your mind about life is even better!

Taking a plane ticket will help you change your scenery, but it’s the perfect time to make a profound change in the way you see life!

A great trip also changes your life!

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