Bhaktapur, wonderful city of Nepal

In Nepal there is a treasure. A small town less than an hour from Kathmandu: Bhaktapur


Only Udaïpur in India (if only because of the rhyme) can compete with this city in Nepal. I met Bhaktapur in November, after the harvest, when the weather is mild and Diwali is nearby

Bhaktapur is a cinema, a library, a fairy tale.
It’s always the same little miracle. We arrive by chance, just for two days and, bang, we can’t leave. We keep coming back to rub shoulders with Deebesh’s discreet generosity and the gentleness of his family. In Bhaktapur, that’s the word, we come back.
In November, at this time of the year Bhaktapur is as golden as a brioche.
The women sow the ears of wheat from the harvests by operating large fans and turning over the millstones without ceasing. 

The light is very similar to that which can be seen in October in the autumn in the south of France or in Tuscany

The potters who prepare the candleholders for Diwali are overwhelmed by the work. The work in the fields is coming to an end, so it’s time to settle down a little.
The men play Bagh Chal, a board game where tigers hunt goats, or simply at cards, in the street or in the square. Everyone washes in the fountain and makes his devotions in the temple. The Nepalese sit, often silently, and watch what is going on outside. It’s a time for rest.

So Bhaktapur is like this, it’s the sweetness of life?

Everything was so simple, friendly. There was nothing wrong with this city. Everything in its place and there was room for everyone.
Wonderful temples, quiet people, neither hot nor cold: gentle. This is undoubtedly what some writings talk about, the sweetness of life. 
I grew up in the Parisian 9-3, it’s a concept that totally escaped me until I arrived in Bhaktapur.
Maybe that’s why Nepal attracted so many cool babas in the 70s, who knows?

Bhaktapur, Le Bonheur à La Népalaise

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