Meet the wales

In Ecuador, it is possible to go and meet the whales, without bothering them and with all the restraint that such a gallant rendezvous imposes.

La tentation de broder sur le sujet est grande et il n’est pas exagéré de parler d’émotion forte. L’observation de cette merveille vaut à elle seule tous les voyages

The temptation to embroider on the subject is great and it is not exaggerated to speak of strong emotion. The observation of this marvel alone is worth all the trips.
Seeing these creatures frolicking in the ocean is a spectacle that nails the beak, leaves us stunned and strangely overwhelmed with sadness. 
Dancing and singing is one of their favorite occupations. They are both imposing and delicate, turbulent and quiet… and very curious! 
Those I have met have come to see the boat up close, until they came to rub against the hull of the boat. Plouf, splash, “mouââââââââôôô” (which surely means hello in cetacean) and wink (because a whale is your business “for real”), these ladies offered us a grandiose show. We were all moved to tears, even the tough, tattooed ones.

Miss Wale conquered everyone’s heart: a little dance, a song and everyone fell in love. What candor, what gentleness, what strength!

And why were we overcome with emotion? Because we are stupid and greedy human slaughterers and they are peaceful, with deep intelligence and no grudges for a penny? 
Did she tell us something that we understood, felt? Perhaps there is in our cortex the memory of a common language, a mammal that allows us to communicate emotionally…
Did it call out for help, beg for mercy for its species? Without even looking at us, we all felt a violent sense of guilt and helplessness.

Visiting whales is a business, it’s true. If you think that’s why it would be an overrated, overrated experience, it’s not

In Puerto Baleina, Ecuador, the boats are modest in size, so we meet in small groups to get close to the beautiful ladies. Moreover, the boats do not approach the cetaceans aggressively but respect a good distance.  
If this is a business, it can allow us to continue to protect them from human ferocity. 

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